Founded to change. We proudly present our new innovative Norex product line, a true masterpiece of modern engineering. The Norex Indoor Extreme modular lights are the result of two years of intensive development, countless test series and our years of experience and know-how in the field of industrial lighting. The patented potting and the unique design of the Norex modules guarantee unprecedented robustness and durability – even under extreme conditions. True to our motto “one for all”, our LED modules are incredibly variable and flexible thanks to their sophisticated design. No matter whether it is a tunnel light, floodlight or custom buildings. You express your wishes and we implement them. In other words, we take care of the planning, production, distribution and help you to apply for funding. All from one hand.



We derive our know-how from  many years of experience in the lighting and offshore industry. Based on this experience, we developed the unique NOREX product line. With a patented and completely new design, we are revolutionizing the applicationof LED lighting in explosion-proof and industrial areas. Thanks to the potting of the luminaires we achieve an unprecedented robustness and a lumen output of up to 145 lm per watt.

Other highlights:

  • IP 68 and a water tightness of 100m are our standard.
  • More than 2 tons of pressure are no problem for our LED modules.
  • Absolutely shock resistant
  • Modular design allows for customized solutions
  • 5-year warranty (see warranty)



The company LSW (Lichtsonne Wind Handelskontor GmbH) was founded in 2010 as a sales and planning company for LED lighting. From the outset, our main focus is on industrial and office lighting. Since July 2016, the company LSW has merged with Kronborg Technology AS. Together, the NOREX brand was launched.
Active markets: Europe, North / South Africa, America, Middle East.


Offshore: oil platforms, wind parks, ships

Industry: Ports, petrochemical, chemical, steelworks, refineries, mines, opencast mining, warehouses, workshops, shipyards, tunneling etc.

Special: TV studios, military, arctic labs